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The Stow Market 9

This was a crazy one. A litter of 9 male Ambull pups were dumped outside of a vets in Stow Market on Christmas eve. They found themselves in the local pound, where workers were determined to try and save their lives. Alerted to their plight by Bruno's Animal Haven, we rushed into action.

These puppies were only tiny, and so helpless, we just couldn't leave them there to an unknown fate.

Rescue day started bright and early for Simon - who traveled about 2 hours out of his way, in order to secure the safe release of the puppies. Meanwhile, Kelly was leaving Southampton, ready for the handover meet in London. Traffic was appalling, and London driving is really scary to drive in, but eventually Kelly and Simon managed to meet in a service station and the puppies were safely tucked up in Kelly's car. Apart from Django - who went home with his new dad right away. Who could resist such adorable little faces!

So with 8 puppies remaining, Kelly traveled onward to the next stop - where 5 of the boys were given to another rescue, leaving 3 puppies in the care of Bruno's animal haven. They were free from the pound and had secured rescue spaces. Lucky boys. But we can't put tiny puppies in kennels can we? No. No, we cannot. 'So where are they going to go?' I hear you ask...

That's right... Sam and Kelly fostered the puppies. The dining table was removed in favour of a puppy pen and we were temporarily a 7 dog household! Scout was the most incredible foster brother - immediately taking the puppies under his wing and taking care of them.

Having taken a particular shine to Junior (formerly known as 'mini Scout'), Sam and Kelly were determined to find a home where they could keep in touch. Where better than our dear friends Rory and Amy? Here comes the spanner in the plan - Rory and Amy were not looking for another dog. So starts a week of relentlessly sending cute photos and videos until Rory caves. Soon after, Amy followed suit and Junior is now happily snuggled up on his furever sofa. Just to add the icing on the cake, the other 2 Stow Market puppies have also gone off to their forever homes.

Team work makes the dream work :)

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