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Noah spent Christmas in the pound. His outlook was pretty bad as there was no space and his 7 day holding period was over. The pound staff tried diligently to find him a rescue space and, to save his life, moved him into emergency boarding kennels.

Noah hated kennel life. He was sad, lonely and confused - not understanding why he wasn't at home with his family. He was losing weight at a catastrophic pace and self-harming. Everybody involved in his care was desperate to help him - but he was a very tricky case.

KS Angels Rescue had already met Noah, as Kelly and Sam had transported him to emergency boarding - so when the call for help went out, of course we stepped in.

Noah presented us with a number of incredibly challenging issues. Firstly, his care was going to be incredibly expensive - and as a fledgling rescue, we don't have any funding. Secondly, Noah needed a pet and child free foster. Somewhere calm where he could recover. We didn't have this in place either. We found him an amazingly understanding foster who dedicated the upstairs of her house to Noah; all she could manage on top of her 3 resident dogs. This gave Noah some time while we rallied around him and began looking for his perfect foster: his unicorn.

Noah started to improve after the first few days, but his digestion was a massive issue. He had an appetite, but was still losing weight. He went from 18.9 to 18.3kg over a 3 day period. His lovely vet, Emma, was considering admitting him, which we knew he wouldn't cope well with.

A diet of white fish, weetabix and Hills ID food started to turn things around for Noah. His digestive issues began to stabilise. The KS Angels team began to cautiously celebrate - but still, we needed a home for him.

In steps Julie. An angel. A unicorn. Everything we needed for Noah. After a successful meet, Noah went home with Julie. 3 days later, at his vet visit, Noah had gained 3kg! He had started to play! He had even claimed his spot on the sofa. Noah and Julie seemed like a match made in heaven!

Noah has a long way to go. He will remain in foster under KS Angels Rescue for the foreseeable future - but under the watchful eye of his wonderful foster carer, we are now confident that our boy has a happy future ahead of him.

Team KS Angels are still raising money to cover Noah's vet fees - which to date, stand at just under £750. This doesn't take into account the special diet that he is on, or the future costs involved in his care (e.g neutering) If you can donate, it would mean the world to us. Donation also allows us to help more dogs in the future, dogs like Noah who have very few options.

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